You Have Already Won the Lottery

You Have Already Won the Lottery

In the scheme of things and the big picture,
being here, where you are right now,
is equivalent to winning the cosmic lottery!

Sit and take that in, and see if you can remember.

There was such excitement and a feeling of
great anticipation, as you stood in line.
You had given it great thought, with much time spent
on careful planning, and you felt that you could contribute
you own special “something” to the soup of humanity
as it was hurtling toward the finish line.

All your eons of experience and special skills,
would be put to the test during this incredible time
on Planet Earth.

As you ascended the stairs, toward the front of the line,
you could see that many were stepping aside,
either with last-minute reservations, or
they realized that the entity behind or beside them,
was much more qualified, and could add something
they could not to this mission.

These beings would stay behind and cheer you on,
they would leave you breadcrumbs when you felt lost,
and whisper encouragement when you felt alone.

As your name was called and you realized ” This is it”!
you had made the cut, you held that winning lottery ticket,
and you were about to be born, to become human again,
this time in the 20th century, where there was much to be done,
mountains to move, and miracles to accomplish,
you smiled, said a prayer, stated your intention….
and jumped!

And you have never looked back.


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