Windfall Mentality

Windfall Mentality

Unless you live under a rock,
you were recently bombarded with the huge amount of money
that was available to be won in the lottery.

Every week it grew, until in the end , it was truly
life changing kind of money!

Even if you never bought a ticket,
most of you gave thought to what it would be like to
have that windfall of money, to have millions overnight!

It got you thinking about what you would buy immediately.
Would you pay off your home?
or buy one for your mother?
Bills gone, never to worry you again!
You could even buy diamonds for friends!

Where would you travel to first?
Would you go visit a friend?
Or did it force you to think bigger.
Maybe live in Rome or on a tropical island?
Hey, you could purchase your own island!
It was that kind of money.

What charities would you endow?
Your Alma Mater?
Cancer research?
Homeless causes?
Something in Africa?

This windfall mentality is really something!
It is very useful.
It is an energy of hope and possibilities.
It gets you to thinking “what if”
It stirs the abundance pot and that is always a good thing.

Start watching for windfalls in your life now.
Because even if you didn’t win that lottery jackpot,
you have set the energy in motion to fulfill your desires,
and the Universe doesn’t know there can only be one winner!


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