Transportation of Thought as Emotion

Transportation of Thought as Emotion

Think for a minute how you get your thoughts,
what you are thinking across to others.
Think then also how you transfer them as emotion.
Somthing you are thinking is making you sad,
you cry.
Anyone can read that.

Someone says something lovely that touches your heart,
you cry.
A subtle difference that can be felt.

You look over while traveling slowly on the freeway,
the guy in the car next to you is pounding, hard, on
the steering wheel and you can see his mouth moving.
He’s thinking he’s going to be late, he’s cursing…and he’s mad.
You look away, you totally get that.

What if he has earphones in, and he’s hitting the steering wheel
more rhythmically, less hard? Mouth moving, singing the lyrics.
He’s happy and enjoying his music.
Similar gestures, completely different message.

How are you able to translate these sometimes subtle differences?
You all have inside you a kind of emotional guidance system,
some might call it empathy.

Some of you are brilliant at picking up even the most nuanced
thoughts, because you are so tuned into the emotional
This can be a blessing…and a curse.

You are constantly bombarded by everyone’s thoughts
as they are carried on their emotions.
You “read” people.

We have a double message here.
we encourage those that have never put this connection together,
to start being more empathetic.
See a display of emotion, and try to cut thru to the 
thought process behind it.
It will help you navigate people much more deftly.

And to those empaths that walk among us?
lighten up, learn to turn it off every once in awhile!
That is a step in your mastery.

Because sometimes a tear… just a tear.


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