Spiritual Equilibrium

Spiritual Equilibrium

Finding and maintaining your spiritual equilibrium
is not as easy as it used to be.
It’s almost as if the ground keeps moving beneath your feet,
and the handrails that you relied on to keep your balance,
have disappeared.

It’s important not to look down, not to focus too closely
on the moving ground, the waves of change that keep
moving thru.
That will surely cause you to loose your balance.

As these waves of change come washing in,
instead look to the horizon,
keep focused on where you are going.
For if you focus on the speed of the changing scenery
around you, it will make you dizzy and anxious.

It just takes subtle adjustments to the way you
walk thru life.
You cannot expect the terrain to remain constant
right now.
It may develop hairpin turns and bumpy roads
that threaten to knock you off-balance.

Becoming flexible inside this change,
and keeping your sense of humor are going to be
the tools that will help you navigate these incoming waves.
Both of these are very important.
They will help keep steady, like a master surfer,
with an economy of movement, small adjustments,
with an ease and grace, and a smile on your face.


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