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This subject can be taboo for many,
and yet that is how you all got here đŸ˜‰

Sex is one of the things that has gotten more
misunderstood as you’ve become more “civilized”.
The ancients grasped the deeper meaning of sex,
and it’s connection to the divine.

It is the ultimate sharing and connection of two souls in the physical.
Think about it,starting with the kiss.
A passionate kiss is the sharing of the breath, the life force.
Taking the organ that produces speech, but communicating
without words.
It is a very intimate act, to share another’s breath, and it would
behoove you to be conscious of that during your next passionate kiss.

Not all sex has the intention of merging two souls,
it is purely for physical release, and it generally does not
involve deep kissing.

Orgasm is the ultimate act of surrender while still in the body.
Actually, death is THE ultimate act of surrender,
and the French call orgasm “la petite mort” the little death.
At that precise moment you merge with your own divine nature.
It only lasts a moment, but it changes you physically.
It can activate your central channel, your kundalini,
which ignites that fire in your body, but also your soul.

You were created to have and enjoy the pleasure of sex.
Remember the deeper meaning of its magic and use
the exchange to surrender and open yourself to your higher

Remember: Love is the ingredient that creates the true alchemy.


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