River of Tears

River of Tears

Doesn’t it seem that throughout your life
you have cried rivers and rivers of tears?

Many songs and poems have been written over time,
about the tears fallen over someone or something
that you fear you’ve lost, or a situation gone horribly wrong.

Crying is good, it is healthy and actually it is needed.

It is a physical manifestation of an energetic release.
There are chemicals in tears that signal that release to the body,
and there is a surrender that goes along with having a good cry.

Often you feel so much better after a bout of crying.
If you really let yourself go and let it all out, the release
can be profound, and you get a kind of re-set.
You feel drained, but with a certain clarity you were lacking
before the tears.

The fear you all have around crying, is that once you give into
that feeling and really cry…you may never stop.
You fear you will spiral down into the depths of sadness,
never to return to the surface.
That could not be further from the truth, and actually the opposite is true!

If you fully surrender to the pain, you can ride the river of tears
to release and relief.
There is happiness and better tomorrows around the bend,
once you surrender to those tears.

Let them fall
Bless them, they are tiny miracles of
your human physiology.
You will not drown, we promise.


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