Make A Wish

Make A Wish

Now is a very good time to make a wish.
There is SO much magic afoot!

Let us give you one little trick to help it happen.

When making a wish,
the secret is to make it lightly,
and by that we mean not putting the weight of the world
on the shoulders of a wish.

A wish, when executed properly,is alchemy.
You are mixing the magic all around you,
with a desire.

A wish should always be made with a smile on your face!
because the final ingredient in this magic mix,
is your assurance of the granting of the wish!

A frown and doubt will sabotage your wish,
making it too heavy to create the alchemy 
needed inside this magic energy.

We are being light, we know!
because everything does not have to always 
be so serious.

But there is truth here.
take your desire,
wrap it in a wish,
close your eyes,
and blow…
on a candle,
on a dandelion,
seal the deal with belief.



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