Fake For Another’s Sake

Fake For Another’s Sake

Being fake for another’s sake
can bite you back
just like a snake.

It twists back at you you
when you’re unsuspecting
when your truth you are
not projecting

The situation you hope to save
by being fake 
feels like ice has paved
the slippery slope 
you hope to traverse
but with each step
it just gets worse

Why is better to spare another?
when in your truth
would they not see 
the better person you hope to be?

Its not THEIR fault you were untrue
that finger points right back at you.
You did not trust 
that they would get
that in your truth
there’s no regret.

So next time stop and listen
to your heart
it tried to warn you from the start

Being fake for another’s sake
is not the road you want to take.


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