Don’t Bully Your Dreams

Don’t Bully Your Dreams

You all have a tendency to bully your dreams.
But that we mean, call them names, and make them feel worthless.
We hear you call a dream of being an artist
“no one makes money being an artist, what a stupid idea”!

Or a singer. ” Don’t you know how hard it is to get anywhere
as a singer”? ” don’t be an idiot, get a REAL job”!

Your mind will rarely support what your heart desires.
It will bully you into submission.
It will make you feel as though your dreams are unattainable
and you are worthless in their pursuit.

When you hear a child say he wants to be an astronaut,
or the president of the United States,
most people smile and nod.
You never hear someone tell a small boy that the space
program is dead, it’s financially unsupported, and besides,
the shuttles don’t fly anymore, so going to space is a bad idea.

When a seven year old black girl says she want to be President,
most around her smile and think “well,that could actually happen”.

So… what happens to you?
When does the disconnect happen?
When do you start to listen to your own doubts?
Why do some actually attain their dreams?
Because their belief in their dreams is able to override
their negative self talk.
They are able to silence their inner bully.

Please don’t bully your own dreams,
or those of another.


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