cha·ris·ma /kəˈrizmə/
1). Compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others.
2). A divinely conferred power or talent.

It is always so interesting when we place a word in her head and she feels compelled to look up the definition.
She had no idea that charisma was considered “divinely conferred”….
..but we did 😉

Everyone has charisma, everyone!
Some just let it shine more than others.

Babies have it in spades, and it is un censored,
hence the spell they cast over their world.
They definitely inspire devotion!

There is a frequency transmitted as charisma.
Dial it up, you are a politician, or a movie star.
Dial it down, you are invisible to others.

You can cast a spell with charisma.
Ask any lover how they feel when they see their
beloved across a crowed room.

Charisma is letting the divine within you shine thru.
With some it is innate.
Others need to practice.
but you all have it, we aren’t kidding!

Becoming charismatic in your own life,
is holding that confidence,
that within you resides something so
beautiful, so powerful and so divine that
it is a magnet to others,
and a call to do the same.


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