Another Day In Paradise

Another Day In Paradise

When you begin the day
do you know how to make it remarkable?
By realizing you reside in paradise.

I see you rolling your eyes!

But it really is a paradise.
It is a living, breathing , constantly changing,
gorgeous blue orb, that supports and facilitates
your lives!

The relationship is symbiotic.
When she breathes out, you breath in.
She is mostly water, as are you.

She provides you the songs of the birds,
and the softly falling rain, to delight your ears.
She provides the canvas for the sunrise and sunsets,
to delight your eyes.

The ever-changing sky to keep you from becoming bored.
Thunder and lightening and auroras to keep you in awe.
Deep green valleys, fast blue oceans and
great expanses of desert.
Waterfalls,tide pools, caves filled with crystals,
beautiful ice worlds at each pole.
Forests filled with the most majestic trees,
from top to bottom,every inch teaming with life!

All this is for you.
Her gift to you.
An amazing place to reside,
to live and love,
to fall asleep under the stars,
and wake up to such great beauty!
witness now…
another day in paradise 🙂


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