You Cannot See Me, When You’re Looking For What’s Wrong

You Cannot See Me, When You’re Looking For What’s Wrong

I’ll be hidden, out of sight,
In the middle of a fight.

Being snarky?
Passing judgement?
With nothing nice to say?
It will seem that I’m not with you,
As I stay above the fray.

Don’t look for my agreement,
when you justify your meanness.

I cannot see things as broken,
I can only see them whole.
While you see someone in ruin,
I can only see their soul.

We’re on separate paths,
you and me,
When mistakes are all you see.

Fault is always found,
when you’re looking at the ground.
Lift your heads up higher,
if it’s truth that you desire.

That is where you’ll find me,
when you start to see the sun,
In the eyes of those around you,
there is light in everyone.

Consider them as flawless,
like I do with you each day.
Do the best you can,
choose kindness,
If that doesn’t work…
then pray! 😉


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