Is wisdom intellect?
Does it originate from the brain?

Wisdom is a knowing
Where does THAT come from?

Wisdom is an accumulation of knowledge over time.
Is it limited to this lifetime?

Being wise has nothing to do with being smart.
It has everything to do with being quiet.

Because inside silence, lie all the answers.
But without that wisdom to be still and listen,
Your brain will tell you that it will “figure it out”, 
and that is attached to worry.

Worrying and ruminating about something, is all in the brain.
It is the opposite of Wisdom, because you have lost all
the knowing.

You have all knowledge of everything you could EVER want 
to know,everything you have EVER known

Silence will take you there,
meditation will take you there,
the breath will take you there.

Be quiet and investigate your own wisdom.
Go deep inside and uncover all you know and have known.

Your brain can help you navigate life,
but you can have no real life at all
without touching your wisdom.


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