We hear you all asking….why?
It seems as if the worlds gone crazy,
and everything feels upside down.

We have discussed in the past, the effects
this new energy would have on people.
The lightness and brightness,
the swiftness and refinement of it,
is making some VERY uncomfortable.

When people sense change in the energy around them,
they go inside, and deal internally,
or they deal externally, and lash out.

Here is the bottom line.
PLEASE do NOT loose sight of the real facts.

The world is getting BETTER!
the energy is faster and lighter,
and THAT is a GOOD thing!

Wrapped around all these events that seem so dark,
are story after story of the best humanity has to offer.
People ran TOWARD danger, to help others,
Daughters carried fathers to safety!
There was a minimum of drama, most everyone stayed calm,
THAT was a blessing in a crowd that size.

Angels in their human disguise were EVERYWHERE!

There will be more situations that will dissipate
the chaotic energy in others.
Remain focused on surrounding circumstances,
there are miracles afoot.

Don’t buy into the doom and gloom,
This is what change can look like,
it can be messy.
Stay focused on the light.


My version of life. My stories. Told in my own words.

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