The Road To Prosperity

The Road To Prosperity

The road to prosperity is paved with good intention.
What we mean by that , is watching you trains of thought
about money.

Do you wish those that have it, well?
Or do you resent them, feeling they have more than their share?
Are they greedy? Did they take some of yours?
There is infinite prosperity in the universe,
no one can take “your share”!

Do you feel that charging for your services is somehow
Feeling Guilty, Not being able to figure your worth?
Feeling guilty about making money, makes the exchange unbalanced
and will start to cause problems.

Do you feel it’s wrong for any business to make a profit?
Do you judge profits as being “too much”?
Do you feel that those that ” help” people should do it out of the
kindness of their hearts and not make any money?
You can only really help others when you have enough for yourself.
Why would you deny those people a living?

Don’t you realize you are sending mixed signals to the universe?
You cannot wish prosperity for yourself,
but resent those that have it.

Profits drive commerce.
That allows people to buy things from other businesses,
to eat at restraunts, to go to the movies,
and more importantly, to give it away to others that need it.
All charity begins with the fact that there is enough to share, to give away.

When you feel you don’t have enough, or that others have too much,
it will be impossible for the universe to deliver prosperity to you.

Watching your intentions and thoughts around money
can start to change things around for you.


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