The Anatomy of Joy

The Anatomy of Joy

If you were to dissect joy,
you would see that its origins are found early in your lives.

Its existence hinges on this very simple belief,
Is the world a good place or a bad place?
Does the universe conspire to help you? or hinder you?

Those beliefs are crucial to experiencing joy throughout your life,
for if you are always struggling, uphill,
against what life is “throwing at you”,
joy will be impossible to find.

If you view your life as just a long string of obstacles
that you need to overcome, joy will be elusive.

The foundation of joy, it’s life’s blood…is trust.

Developing the ability to lean into life,
especially when it gets messy,
and believe that all is well.
Trust that things will work out for you,
they always do.
Life is on your side, it is not working against you!
This is necessary in your pursuit of joy.

But remember, joy can be skittish, it smells fear.
If you chase after it…it evaporates.
Better then, you just find it around the corners of your
life, expected, but still surprising.

The expectation of joy, calls it in.
Hear that.
The expectation of joy CALLS IT IN.

So it doesn’t even have to be pursued,
it just appears.
THAT could change EVERYTHING!


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