Staying Expanded

Staying Expanded

Walking thru your day, start to observe,
which situations feel expansive,
and which cause you to contract inward.

You can be feeling perfectly fine,
open and happy,
but then traffic slows and you realize
you will be late for your appointment.
What happens next?

You feel anger rise up, and at the same time
you can actually feel your body contract.
You may feel your chest get tight,
your jaw as well, your breathing gets shallow,
your eyes narrow, your hands, which only a few minutes ago,
were keeping time to the music from the radio,
are now in a death grip on the steering wheel.

Those are the physical signs of your energy contracting.
It doesn’t feel good! and it’s not good for you!

Once you can start to feel exactly when the contraction occurs,
you can stop it in its tracks!

Changing your breath can be your pivot point.
Taking three deep breaths will start the process.

Expansion feels open and easy.
Expansion in your body feels good!
Your eyes feel open and light.
Nothing feels tight, not your jaw,
not your chest.
Your shoulders are not hunched forward,
they are back and down, away from your ears!
your hands are relaxed , not clenched in fists.

If you become observant you will notice contraction
in the body language of others, and our advice…
walk away.
Nothing positive can be accomplished when you’re dealing
with someone who’s energy is so pulled in.
They can’t even hear you, or see you clearly.

The same is true for yourself.
Recognize that you cannot make good decisions
from that contracted place.
The energy of anger, fear, sadness, all cause contraction,
and you cannot expand toward your best life from that place.

There is great power in this realization.
Making sure you and those around you are coming from an expanded
energy place before you undertake anything important,
will make a huge difference in your life running smoothly.


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