Simple thoughts yield simple results.

You all are asking SO much from life!
Which is great in a way,
but it doesn’t feel that way, a lot of the time.

Everything feels super sized,
You don’t just want a sundae,
you want it with sprinkles, and nuts, and three
different ice creams, all fat-free, and can the
whip cream be on the side?
oh, and a cherry on top!

With so much going on,
you can’t taste the individual flavors!
Each thing is splendid on its own.
Sometimes more….is just too much!

Start ordering one simple thing from life at a time.
See how it tastes,
THEN add something to that.
maybe, just maybe, it is fine as it is.
Simple and uncomplicated.

You’ve all forgotten how to do this.
Start with ONE desire,
THEN see if you want to add more.

Sensory overload is as uncomfortable
as sensory deprivation.

Slow down,
think what you REALLY want from life,
start simply,
and let the rest fall into place over time.
Or not…;)
Maybe you already have what you need.


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