Mistaken Identity

Mistaken Identity

You think when you look in the mirror,
that is your identity, who you are,
staring back.

Well…it is an aspect,
the physical aspect of you.
But it is not even close to who you really are.

Mistaking that image of you in the mirror,
for your identity,
is like a caterpillar seeing his reflection,
and thinking that is all he is.
He has no idea what lies just inside,
about to emerge.

Be grateful when you look at your image,
bless the vehicle that carries your soul.
But don’t for another minute,
let it define you to you.

You are so much more than that arraignment of atoms
and flesh and bone.
YOU are the creator of all those things!
And you are using them on this adventure.

Mistaken identity is your jailer,
it keeps you imprisoned and impaired.
Like that caterpillar , break free from your 
straightjacket like chrysalis,
and fly free like the butterflies you REALLY are!


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