Litmus Test

Litmus Test

Litmus Test
2. Fig. a question or experiment that seeks to determine the state of one important factor.

Using this definition, it is time to start giving certain things in
your life the litmus test.

Should it stay or go?
Does it serve you to its fullest potential?
Or Is it just a habit?

We keep a lot of things in our lives just because they’ve always been there.
But if we start to ask ourselves some of these very insightful questions,
we can see if they should continue to help us steer our lives.

It can be as mundane as that second cup of coffee, or
actually putting a relationship under this new scrutiny.
Does it really truly add anything to the quality of your life?

A friendship may have gone stale,
a book club may have dwindled,
a favorite class has gone off course,
even a Meditation you’ve done for ages just doesn’t pass the test

These are hard things to change, or to actually give up,
but this new energy will start to help you ask the hard questions.
Does this thing, person, even job, add to the quality of my life?
Some things may just need to be tweaked, others, ended.

With quiet consideration, and going to your heart for confirmation,
you will know which action to take.
Do it with grace and the minimum of drama will follow,
and your life will show you its appreciation, by expanding, and growing,
and just getting better, and better, and better!


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