Eyes And Ears

Eyes And Ears

We’ve talked a little about this before,
but you should really be feeling the recent
recalibration of your eyes and ears.

You are having days where your vision is extremely blurry,
your eyes may feel scratchy and they may burn.
It will be your reading that will suffer,
but you will notice it also when driving,
and just seeing in general.

Your glasses and contacts will seem useless!
Don’t be alarmed.
It is just a stage of your physical recalibration.

You may already have experienced this,
and you may have also noticed that a couple of days later,
your vision is crystal clear.
This is not something that will go un noticed,
for the colors will be extremely bright,
and the clarity will seem like your high-definition TV!

The same is true for your hearing.
There will be days that you will struggle to hear
someone speak that is standing right nest to you,
or even the radio in the car.

Some of you have noticed that the pitch of
the siren of an ambulance or fire truck either hurts your ears,
or you can’t hear it at all until they are practically beside you.

Again, this is part of your changing physiology.
The days you struggle to hear a conversation,
will be followed by incidents where you will hear someone whisper
from the next room,
or be able to hear the conversation at a Restraunt three tables away!

A bit of patience, and a sense of humor is required.
As long as you know these changes are not permanent,
don’t sweat it! you are on your way to a new normal!


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