Concentration is a skill.
It requires focus and stillness.
Sloppy concentration equals
a sloppy life.

Certain tasks require your concentration.
Driving is one, and these days your focus is challenged
by radios and phones, etc.
This is an example of external focus.

Prayer is a form of focused concentration.
Silently reciting words and using prayer beads,
help to maintain your focus.

Meditation is a form of concentration.
It is relaxed focusing.
Your mantra and your breath help you
maintain that focus.

Both prayer and meditation keep you internally focused.
they extract you from outside influences.

You are under the misconception that external concentration
and focus determine your life,
but it HAS to start within.

Just as you can see the adverse consequences of losing your
concentration while driving.
If you find yourself inside a life that you don’t like,
chances are you lost your internal focus, your concentration,
and your life is reflecting that back to you.

It is very easy to become distracted and lazy.
If you develop that skill of internal concentration,
thru prayer or meditation,
you are better able to make corrections that are needed.
You will get to the place of higher awareness where
all the answers are available, and miracles take place.

Practice your internal focus daily,
and you will no longer be subject to the choppy
energy of the external world.
Your practiced internal concentration,
will take you thru chaos and turmoil,
into the calmness and serenity of life
lived not just in the world,
but of the world.

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