Change Your Default Setting

Change Your Default Setting

We are watching many of you struggle,
as this current energy brings up feelings from your past.
They are meant to come to the surface to clear,
but for many of you, they are sticky, and heavy,
and you are “in them” way too long.

The pain in your hearts when you revisit these feelings,
is so familiar, it is like your default setting.

When something causes you pain,
like your hand on a hot stove,
you are programmed to pull away.
But the heat from these old situations,
was so frequent and so sustained,
that the pain started to feel normal,
and you became wounded.

Even now as adults, when you feel this heat,
you do not pull away, as you should,for self-preservation.
The feeling is so familiar, that you almost walk toward
the stove!

It’s interesting, you will run miles to escape just the
threat of something that “might “cause you pain as adults.
You will turn your lives upside down to side step it.

But when these hurts from childhood come up to
be healed, you marinate in their familiarity.

Please, we caution you at this time,
in this energy, as these feelings come up to be cleared,
to realize that even heat this old can still burn you,
and walk away from the stove.

These are burdens you no longer need to carry.
Your perception of them, causes the struggle.
Pain and sadness are not meant to be sustained.
They are indicators that something needs to change.
Let the painful feelings come up…and out.
Feel them…let them go!
Let the wounds heal, finally!
Let your default setting change from pain…to love.


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