A Cautionary Tale

A Cautionary Tale

We realize we keep revisiting this scenario,
this lecture, this cautionary tale.
But…we cannot express strongly enough
the void that would occur, should you decide to side step
a love because of its painful end.

Many of you are having strong feelings of loss and regret
regarding loves that never stood the test of time.
Remember dear hearts, that to love and lost is SO incredibly,
stupendously and magnificently better than never having loved!
(to embellish a phrase). 🙂

The depth of the pain equals the depth of the love.
Shallow, simple love…doesn’t hurt that bad.
But fall down, crazy, messy, earth moving,
thunder and lightning kind of love….
when that ends, it can feel soul shattering!

But would you trade those minutes?
those hours and days?
Who would you be if you’d never felt that?

Wanna play life safe do ya???
That would be a shameful waste of a human life!

You think things would be better, but there would not be that light
behind your eyes.
You cannot un-ring a bell…
Once you’ve loved that deeply, even if you’ve lost,
your heart has stretched and grown and aches to be filled again.
Hearts want to soar! you clip their wings with thoughts of regret.

Ditch that regret!
everything was meant to happen the way it did.
There is a divine order to things.
He or She was perfect for that time.
whether it was 12 hours or 12 years!

When you gain the perspective of acceptance,
leaving ALL regret behind,
Love will rush in and fill that void.


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