Weather Matters

Weather Matters

The weather cycles on the planet help to shift the energy.
electrical storms are a good example.
When the air become electrified, it literally heats up the atoms
and when they get heated up or excited, they vibrate faster.
until suddenly they explode in lightning.

Wind is similar,it gets the air moving quickly,
circulating and mixing the atoms in a new and different way.
Kind of a re shuffle of the air particles.
The energy the air holds is very important since you move and breathe inside them every minute of every day.

the cleanliness of the air after a great wind or a storm is not just a visual illusion. it is real.

The emotional energy or consciousness,in a place can often dictate the weather.
After a tragedy there can be a rainstorm. Watch for it.
It feels as if it mimics the mood, dark and gloomy, but..
It changes the ions in the air and literally moves the sadness out.

The. likening bolt that hit St Peters after the Pope stepped down was no coincidence. The energy shifted in that moment.

Pay attention, you will soon be able to feel it, and know why the weather does what it does.


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