Vivid Dreams

Vivid Dreams

One of the side effects of this new energy,
are the changes in your dreaming.
Where you previously may have remembered your dreams only occasionally,
these days, you wake up every day remembering one or two, even three dreams you had that night, in full detail!
Even if you were one of those people who never remembered their dreams, you do now!

They are epic in scope, picking up where they left off some nights,
the stories are complex, and you are remembering every detail.
Interestingly , the nightmares are diminishing, you’re not frightened when you wake up, just intrigued.

Vivid in their detail, the colors are unusually bright and they have an HD clarity. They feel extremely realistic, not those foggy dreams of the past filled with symbols and vague images.

Many take place in foreign locations, with people you’ve never met, but somehow know intimately, some are even todays celebrities.

You may have started writing them down, because they are so fresh in your minds when you awake.
This is a good idea,for you will, over time,see a common thread in their stories.

You are very busy these days as you sleep,
working thru unfinished business, relationships,
emotions, past lives, etc.
Be entertained, be curious, and let these dreams integrate
themselves into your conscious mind.
They are the story of YOU.


My version of life. My stories. Told in my own words.

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