To Thine Own Self Be True

To Thine Own Self Be True

You all have such kind hearts,
putting others before yourself.
Fulfilling the wishes and needs of those around you,
often putting them ahead of your own.

Although it fills your heart to be of service to others,
Do not feed them while you starve.
Do Not run thru fire without any shoes.
There is a fine line between being of service,
and self-sacrifice.

The most important life,
is the one YOU are leading.
For without being true to yourself,
you are like a rudderless ship,adrift at sea.

When you reach your hand out to another,
your feet MUST be rooted deeply in the earth.
Feeling supported and grounded.
Otherwise, when the first winds of adversity blow,
you will BOTH loose your footing.

A lighthouse may be built on the most precarious cliff,
but it’s foundation is deep and it’s structure strong.
That is the only way it can provide its light in a storm.
If it has been left in disrepair, abandoned and cold,
It will be unable to give any direction to those in need.

Be true to yourselves first.
Take good care,
Always be kind,
Listen to your own heart,
then the voice of another’s will become clear,
for they are not asking for a sacrifice,
just a hand.


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