Time is Becoming Slippery

Time is Becoming Slippery

When you have the experience twice a year of changing the time,
you have a very concrete example of its slippery nature .
Since you all agree on which day , and at what hour the time will change,
it does not seem so unusual.

But do you notice how your bodies respond?
They have an almost jet lag feeling for the first few days.
You can’t seem to get in step with things and the day is gone before the fog clears from your head.

Did you notice this year how none of your clocks wanted to cooperate?
It was almost as if they had minds of their own, picking a time and then sticking there? You all thought it was the batteries!
This energy is like lubricant to the slipping of time.
Where did 2012 go!?
Can you believe it is March 2013?
How did we get here? it’s all going so fast!
It feels like going down a slide after oil has been poured.

You are learning to navigate times’ slippery nature.
If you feel you need to sleep more, do that!
Eat when you’re hungry, even if it is not the “appropriate time”.
Don’t make it harder on yourselves by stressing when you leave
in plenty of time for an appointment and find you arrive late,
or think you have plenty of time for errands, only to find, the day is over,and stores have closed!

The more positive aspects are that times spent in joy will seem to last
A meal with great friends and family will seem to last longer,
Time will stop in your lovers arms,
Your vacation will actually feel like a week or two, when it used to take three days just to unwind.
You will actually slip into the time of relaxation and rejuvenation
easier and quicker!

Time is not the enemy, use it to your best advantage,
and it will prolong this privilege of life!


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