The Adult Can Heal The Child

The Adult Can Heal The Child

When you were a child you were powerless to do anything about the hurts inflicted upon you.
Now as an adult you have the power and the ability to correct that,
by treating YOURSELF the way you SHOULD have been treated.

Did that sink in?
Do not continue the patterns of your childhood,
by thinking your are still that helpless child.

Depriving yourself of love, because you are afraid,
because you are fearful it will not be returned,
or fearful you will be abandoned,
is continuing that childhood abuse.

You say “I had no examples of how to love”.
The eyes of your child may not have seen them,
but that child’s heart KNEW what was missing.

Now you have the open eyes and wisdom of an adult.
Heal that child inside by allowing yourself to love and be loved.
you will know which direction to go, by the fear that come up.

You are much more comfortable with distance and inconsistency.
You are used to being let down, so it feels familiar.

People with open hearts, that are ready to love you will terrify you!
Walk in their direction for they have much to teach you,
and along the way, you can allow their love to heal you.

That is being an adult!
You now have the power to heal yourself,
to gift that child with what they KNEW was missing.


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