Parade of Fears

Parade of Fears

With this new energy coming in, much is leaving.
Anything that is not a match, has to go!
So what we are noticing is fear coming up.
It is that heart pounding, sweaty feeling
that happens for many of you in the middle of the night.

The fears can be about something that is actually troubling you,
or completely irrational.
Never the less, the body doesn’t know the difference,
and you are feeling this fear very profoundly.

We are suggesting that you view these fears as they go by.
Just like a spectator at a parade.
We will call this the ” 3 am Parade of Fears”!

So here you go again, you awaken, heart pounding,
that sinking feeling, and you don’t even have to look at the clock,
you know, it is right around 3 am.

Now just lay there and observe.
Ahhh there it is, that horrible deadline,
that bill that looms, that confrontation you are dreading.
That faceless monster that goes bump in the night!

See it, recognize it, feel it.
Don’t try to dismiss or ignore it.
Maybe even wave a little as it goes by.
and nod your head in recognition.

do you understand?
Watch it go by.

“Oh hello, That thing that really scares me”
” I know you are leaving via this parade,
because your are old energy
that I no longer need to carry”
“Since you ARE just a thought and an emotion,
you really can’t hurt me, so goodbye!”
“No need for you to stick around and haunt me further.”
“As soon as you pass I feel better… lighter”

You are not to be dreading this parade.
It is to be welcomed.
It is a brilliant way, when you are sleeping, to unlock
these slower energies and set them free.
Well Done!


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