A mother is an amazing being!
She is a miracle of biology,
that is capable of creating a human life
inside her body.

There is an innate nurturing instinct,
that may not seem evident in every woman,
but is indisputable by the fact that their body itself,
provides a comfortable home for a developing human being.

Every animal and insect,
every species on the earth has a mother,
and she in turn is the facilitator of new life.

This also hold very true for the planet.
She is birthing you right now.
She is playing her role,
as the nurturing mama,
who is providing a comfortable home,
for a developing human race.

Inside a mother’s womb there are several stages of development.
Each stage brings forth in this new being,
new attributes that it will need to navigate
the environment outside the womb,
even as it is surviving inside the womb.

It grows lungs to breathe air,
even thought it is currently in fluid.
It grow eyes that need light to see,
even thought it is immersed in pitch darkness.
Arms and legs, that will be used to live fully
outside the confines of its current tight space.

That is a good analogy for what you are going thru
now as a human being,as the human race.
You are being nurtured by Mother Earth,
as you marinate in this new energy,
just like the fluid inside the womb.

There are stages that occur of development,
and you have just progressed from the embryonic,
to the fetal stage in the development of the human species.

You are being held safe, as you develops attributes
that will help you navigate your new outside world.
They will seem as foreign as eyes that need light
seem, inside utter darkness.

But the baby inside the womb doesn’t ask why,
It never grows impatient, or fearful.
This fetus looks forward to each stage of development,
with a knowing that every day is a crucial step toward
its new life.
It is nurtured, and it feels only gratitude.

Return the favor to Mother Earth,
send her your deepest gratitude, and trust,
as she holds you in her warm embrace,
during these important times.


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