Meet Yourself Where You Are

Meet Yourself Where You Are

Often you are looking in the rear view mirror,
feeling your past.
Or, miles ahead, feeling for your future.

We strongly recommend meeting yourself where you are.
What that means, is standing still and feeling the present moment.
For in your rush to “get there”,
pieces of yourself fly off and are scattered to the wind.
They are impossible to capture in that moment,
and are lost to time.

When you can slow down enough to stand still where you are,
you are able to collect yourself,
meet yourself,
and capture a moment, so it becomes part of the mosaic of you,
and not lost forever.

When you meet yourself,
is your gaze direct?
or do you look over your shoulder,
just beyond yourself?

Can you meet yourself completely on your own terms?
not with hands reaching outward,
but inward, embracing yourself,
and the place you stand
the place your journey has deposited you.

There is power in standing where you are.
In being in a moment and recognizing how you got there.
In seeing yourself present and accounted for,
self realized and using that moment then,
as the platform to the next, and the next….


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