Make Time For Us

Make Time For Us

We don’t mean to sound like a needy lover,
or your mother.
But please , make time for us.

We talked about meditation, yoga and prayer,
we are everywhere.
But please , make time for us.

When you’re walking your dog, or riding the bus,
it doesn’t require a lot of fuss,
But please, make time for us.

Ten minutes here, five minutes there,
stop and center, become aware,
And please, make time for us.

We whisper first, and then we shout,
don’t make us send chaos about,
Just please, make time for us.

We need your attention,
to address your intention,
So turn off the music,
the computer, and such,
Sit still and quiet,
Make some time for us!


My version of life. My stories. Told in my own words.

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