Do Yourselves A Favor

Do Yourselves A Favor

In the beautiful quick pace of this new energy,
there can be, at times, an undercurrent of anxiety.
It depends on how each nervous system reacts.

Because of the speed,the sparkiness, the heat,
that rides along side these times,
Our advise, if you are feeling “hot wired”,
is to keep your nervous system in neutral.

Do yourselves a favor and avoid loud sounds,
loud music, arguments, alarms, anything that sets your
teeth on edge.

Also disturbing media.
Very sad or violent movies may be a bad idea if you
want your nervous system to remain in balance.
Rushes of adrenalin in some people, will cause
an anxiety chain reaction.

We want to caution you also in the excess use of caffeine
and alcohol.
When your nervous system feels jangled, or you want to avoid that
feeling altogether, limit your intake of these substances.

Certain people process high energy in their bodies as
anxiety, with that fight or flight mechanism in overdrive.
You know who you are, and so in order to remain
centered and calm, do yourselves a favor and pay attention
to your consumption.

This will not last forever, so pay attention to your body,
and this transition will be easier on you.


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