Do Your Eyes Light Up?

Do Your Eyes Light Up?


Maya Angelou asks, “How do you react when your child enters the
room? Do your eyes light up?

We feel that is not only an important question for children,
but for anyone in your life.
Your partner, spouse, co workers, boss, best friend.
Do your eyes light up when you see them?

What a difference it would make in people’s lives and the world in general,if when you greeted someone, they could see it in your face that you were genuinely happy to see them.

Everyone just wants to be seen, to be noticed.
Especially by those they love.

Start to try to do this.
It will take your time and attention, for you will have to consciously greet another.
You will have to meet their eyes and show that you see them,
and that they matter to you.

Believe us when we say ,
that you will get much out of this,
as it will start to be reflected back to you.

Your heart will melt and you will remember these words,
the next time you walk into a room, and someone turns around,
and when they see you…their whole face lights up with joy!


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