Blue Skies Ahead

Blue Skies Ahead

Good Morning!
You are going to start to notice that the energy coming in presently
has a very smooth quality to it.
It will feel as if you have climbed above the clouds,
with only blue skies ahead!

Fast and smooth.
You will notice that the moment you think of someone or something,
they/ it will appear.
Remember how slippery it feels out there?
This is going to be almost comical!

You think about Bill, Bill will call or show up.
You imagine a bright red apple, it will seem like in the next instant,
someone will hand you an apple!
You want that blue sweater?
There will be a 70% off sale in your email that night,
or someone will hand you a box and inside…the blue sweater!

Sounds fun, right?
It is actually the way manifestation was created to serve you.

Now comes the warning, we advise you all to be careful with your thinking.
When we tell you how fast it’s going to be, you really have no idea
what that looks like.
When you fear that the glass will break…it will break.
Better to trust that all is well.

Keep your thoughts elevated, have fun with it,
this energy has come at just the right time,
you are ready.


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