Accruing Interest

Accruing Interest

When you maintain a spiritual practice,
such as meditation, prayer, even yoga,
you accrue a kind of spiritual interest.

These are added benefits that occur over time,
and expand on the “principle” practice.

For instance, if your practice or “principle”
is mediation, you may find you develop added
peace of mind, more restful sleep, and eventually
heightened awareness.
You become more attuned to people and situations around you,
able to discern different energies.
THAT is interest paid on your “principle ” practice.

The same holds true for prayer,
it can line you up with the energy you are desiring.
It has an asking aspect to it,
where meditation has the listening quality.
But the “interest” paid can be similar.
You are surrendering, or handing over your day to a power greater
than yourself, with the knowing that “all will be well”.
The interest paid then, is peace of mind.

Yoga is a good one!
A prime investment that pays many dividends!
The ones mentioned above, along with a fit
and optimally functioning body.
This helps to develop a tangible connection between the soul
and the self.
A kind of physical bridge from heaven to earth.
Using your body to ground higher energies,
as they touch every cell in the process.

All these benefits and many more are available to you
as you build on a principle investment or practice.
It is an investment in YOU,
and investment in your life,
and with the interest accrued,
you become that much richer.


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