A Thread Runs Thru

A Thread Runs Thru

You are all so very connected.
A thread of energy, of consciousness runs thru all of humanity.
The connected nature of this energy can be measured.

There are instruments around the planet that chart the rise and fall according to events that occur.
These are global events that set off a chain relation of emotion or energy.
The death of Princess Diana is one, 911, and the tsunamis in Indonesia and Japan are all examples.

No human suffering is isolated.
All pain and despair is experienced the same.
Nothing is felt by one that is not reflected in the whole.

You are a web, where the strength or weakness of one thread
can build up or undermine the integrity of the whole.
When you lift another up, thru an act of kindness, or a show of love,
it ripples thru the fabric of humanity as well.

Love acts to repair the breaks that fear and hate,
war and aggression have used to weaken these energy threads.

You think you are an island, that only you feel these deep emotions.
Think again.
A thread runs thru all of humanity, tying you together,
uniting you in sorrow and in joy.


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