Tidal Wave of Love

Tidal Wave of Love

Fast approaching, is a tidal wave.
A huge, fast and necessary wave of energy,
That will envelope the planet in a wash of Love.

It was ordained to come at just this place in time.
When it seems if the darkness is accelerating,
and many paths to the light are blocked.

It is feeling a little like circling the drain,
picking up speed as you go in circles,
revisiting ideas and beliefs that no longer work.

This tidal wave of love,
will take you all the rest of the way,
down the drain so to speak.
For you must stop circling, and expecting different results.
You must ride this wave, past the spinning darkness,
as it gets faster and louder and grabs for the edges.

This tidal wave of Love will wash over every being on the planet.
It will leave nothing untouched.
And with that knowledge you will begin to see a change.

Everyone will feel different.
Clearer, cleaner, with renewed hope.
And things will begin to stop spinning and slow down.
You will have a much easier time going from point A to point B,
in your evolution and development, because the frantic chaos
of circling that drain will be gone.

We know, a tidal wave sounds daunting.
But it will catapult you into a new paradigm.
So throw up your arms and don’t fight it!
If you feel apprehensive, just face into this wave,
and let it wash over you, feet planted, face up,
hair flowing back.

It’s Love after all, and pure love won’t harm you.


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