“This Is Houston”

“This Is Houston”

So the best way to truly understand Humanity,
is by becoming human.
Having a full understanding looking from the outside,
is impossible.

And that is why many of you are here.
You could be called Cosmic Anthropologists.
gathering experience and knowledge from living
INSIDE different cultures, throughout the universe.

This is quite a specialized field, since many souls
do not have the courage to lose themselves inside
the human experience.

For that is what is required to be here.
A soul must truly let go of all they have previously known,
and make the leap into form.

The goal is to remember their purpose, and divinity
once they’re on the other side,
but by now, it has been shown that can be a daunting task.

And that is where we come in!
We are at the command post so to speak.
When you say “Houston we have a problem”
we help you change course, and make adjustments.
That saying “It takes a village” is true in this regard.
For you do not come in to be human, without backup.
you are NEVER alone!

This is a sacred assignment, and you have our help
every step of the way.
We are telling you, that is the way it is set up.
That is the ONLY way you are allowed to proceed into human form.
You must have a team.
Some that accompany you, and those that stay behind.

Now that you know this, look for us, we are everywhere.
Giving you gentle nudges, and sometimes a hard push!
We help keep you on course, reminding you every day
how very brave and amazing you are!


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