The Tipping Point

The Tipping Point

Can you feel it?
A tipping point has been reached,
a place where the old ways no longer exist.

This is an energy marker that was once thought impossible to cross
yet…here you are!
You have all been thru too much to turn back now.

The evidence of reaching this tipping point will begin to
become evident.

Since you have decided to keep your existing
physical bodies for the next stage of this evolution,
New and seemingly impossible medical advances are
soon to become almost a daily occurrence.

The “advanced” technology of today will become
un recognizable in the next decade.
It will seem quaint and quite cumbersome next to the new
way of living.

The speed and ease of travel and communication
will expand exponentially.

Becoming a global family, in the truest sense of the word,
hunger, poverty and war will no longer be tolerated.
Since this tipping point was reached, the energy,
and the planet itself have changed.
Souls that are seeking those experiences will no longer
choose this place to do so.
The energy will not be able to accommodate them.

This new energy will remind you that children and the
elderly are to be held in the highest regard for the
wisdom they hold.
You all come in as masters, and the souls from this point forward,
will remember and carry that into their lives.
You are seeing the first glimmer of that now.
Children who carry unbelievable poise, wisdom and talent,
far beyond their years, are stepping forward every day.
What a different world awaits them from the one you all
stepped into!

They will show you the way,
how to navigate after the tipping point.
From new politics, to corporate structure, bio- ethics
to cleaner fuel and food.
They are wired for this!

You all have the time-worn wisdom from the past.
Knowledge from the journey they will never take.
Combine these elements in this new energy,
and be amazed at the results.


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