The Bridge To Your Own Magnificence

The Bridge To Your Own Magnificence

Emotions are the bridge,
they connect your soul to your physical presence.

Each emotion is a barometer or measurement in each moment,
of where the balance lies between the two.
Judgement of the emotion, causes a misalignment
of the energy.

When all it was there for was to give you feedback,
you judge it as good or bad, and the energy block occurs,
and the bridge becomes closed, so to speak.

If instead in each instance,
you can just become aware of the emotional feedback you are receiving,
feel it fully, give it your attention, even name it,
and then let it pass, the bridge becomes a gateway to your magnificence.

The trouble occurs when you do not let the energy of the emotion pass through you.
This happens when there is judgement, which puts a density on this emotional
energy, and what can happen is it begins to slow down, you either stuff it,
or you let it define you, and if not paid attention to,
it will stick and become a part of you.

This will cause a heavy heart, and also a heavy body!

Let each emotion show you it’s purpose in your life,
it’s message.
Have gratitude, thank it, and then let it pass,
forming that beautiful miracle you invented FOR YOURSELVES,
The Bridge To Your Own Magnificence!


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