The Anatomy of A Broken Heart

The Anatomy of A Broken Heart

You may be walking the world theses days feeling
that everyone has lost their minds.

But the fact of the matter is that many are simply heartbroken.

The anatomy of a broken heart doesn’t have only one face.

These days it can look like the face of road rage.
The person racing in front of you, cutting in and out of traffic,
no regard for his own safety or that of those around him.
Flipping the finger and filling the air with obscenities along the way.

How about all the gun violence of late?
That is a very male expression of being heartbroken.
Rage is often the male face of a broken heart.
Being heartbroken as a man can also masquerade as
Lethargy stubbornness, and being completely unreasonable.

You expect sadness as the “go to” emotion,
but sadness and despair are most often female symptoms.
There are women walking thru these days like empty shells.
Their broken heart has rendered them numb and shut down.
There will be no outbursts for them,
for contrary to a man, their emotions are buried so deep,
that their smiles do not reach their heart, so they do not penetrate the hearts of others.
The very thing they long for, love, they are incapable of feeling.

We want to open your eyes to this to help you dispel your judgement.
Be compassionate the next time you witness what looks crazy.
It may be the anatomy of a broken heart in disguise.


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