**This has been wanting to be written since 4:11 this morning!
now here I go at 6:11!! the number sequences are getting SO interesting!
Pay close attention! đŸ™‚

Everything on the planet is in a state of recalibration.
It is similar to tumblers inside a vault.
When you turn the combination, and hit each number,
the sequence lines everything up inside, and the door can be
easily opened.
Until that exact combination is entered, the tumblers just don’t fit,
and the door is impenetrable.

So, what is happening now,
is your combination sequences are all changing.
And new doors are opening,
in all of you!
Recalibration on a grand scale!

With this new combination, a vault of sacred knowledge,
that humanity has always had in its possession,
is becoming accessible.

This recalibration shows itself in your physiology.
the symptoms can range from mild to severe,
but keep in mind this was a long time coming,
and many of you are resistant to change.

Headaches, sinus in particular, are a symptom.
Upper respiratory distress, coughing, coughs that last weeks!
these are all recalibration of your psychic and communication centers.
All your heads need to clear so to speak,
don’t feel worry about this, all is well.

Flu like symptoms, intestinal distress, body aches,
these are all additional ways the body moves new
energy into thick and stuck places and gets things moving.

Your feet are all re aligning with this new faster earth energy,
many of you are having foot pain, and problems walking.
Once these two energies share the same combination,
this pain will cease as suddenly as it started.

We have discussed sleeping disturbances,
much of this recalibration and re alignment is being done at night.
This too shall pass, don’t worry so much!

All the females on the planet are having anomalies
with their periods.
More bleeding, or less, going two or three months,
or having a period twice in 30 days.
These will even out in the next three months,
but it will not go back to what it was before.

Stay flexible with this, there is no fear that
needs to be attached to any of these changes.

This is a NEW world,
brand new energy,
and you have to recalibrate your bodies to match,
and navigate your way to a better life!


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