Realizing The Truth

Realizing The Truth

Inside every occurrence,
every situation in your life is some wisdom.

Contained within it is the meaning
that lies at the very core…the truth.

When you are free of judgement,
you are able to gain insight from these truths.

Where the problems begin are the overlays you
put on each situation, preventing the real meaning,
the whole truth , from being obvious to you.

These overlays are judgement or fear,
and when you look at truth thru these lenses,
it becomes distorted and the meaning is lost.
Then it becomes another useless thing that has happened
TO or FOR you,
from which you gather neither wisdom or guidance.

Please look at the things that happen each day,
are they true??
where inside these occurrences does the truth lie?
In the meetings with people,
in the phone calls,
in letters in the mail,
in the “NO’s” that are said ,
in the “bad” news,
in random acts of kindness,
in finding $5 in a coat pocket,
in confusing emails,
in “unreasonable ” requests

Take a minute to remove any judgement or fear,
throw aside those distorted lenses,
and take a look at what is just under the surface.
What is the real truth in each situation.
You will be surprised at what you discover.


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