Prisoner of Your Beliefs

Prisoner of Your Beliefs

You are all prisoners of what you believe to be true.
Your beliefs are the bars that separate you from
your best life.

These beliefs were formed mostly in childhood,
either passed down from a parent,
a religious system, or just picked up along the way
and adopted as a way to feel safe in the world.

At the time you had a child’s mind,
and you were making sense out of seeming chaos.
As you have matured, the fit is tight and restrictive,
yet you continue to live by beliefs that do not serve you.

There is the belief that the world is a bad place,
life is hard, things are difficult, and you always have to have your guard up.

The belief that you can’t trust anyone, not even yourself.

The belief you are not good enough.

The belief that napping and daydreaming and sometimes just doing nothing….is a waste.

Believing that putting yourself first is being selfish,
and that is bad.

The belief that life is about hard work, dead-end jobs,
and living paycheck to paycheck.

Believing there is only one true love out there for you.

Believing that you’ll be happy when you get “there”
that next job, big raise, your vacation.

Do you get the picture?
There are SO many more!
You could and should write down five more that you KNOW
hold you back from enjoying your life now.

That is the real message here,
Examine your beliefs!
They are antiquated ways of being in a world
that was VERY different.
Everything has changed!
They never did serve you, but now in this new energy,
they will actually hold you back.
They are like trading with a currency that has been discontinued.
They bind your hands and feet and keep you from soaring.


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