Lightning In A Bottle

Lightning In A Bottle

Is it possible to catch,
Even for a day?
Lightning in a bottle.
Can you make it stay?

Imagine if you can,
this energy confined.
Would it crackle and be wild?
or become refined?

If you harness this great power,
under glass and watchful eye.
Would the blue zigzag continue?
or would it slowly die?

You are all this very lightning,
that’s soul energy at best.
Now your body is the bottle,
do you see our little test?

Will you live a life of capture?
while your lightning slowly dies?
or will you use this bottle wisely,
to shine so bright, you’ll hurt some eyes.

Lightning in a bottle!
Become a beacon to the rest.
staying wild, shining brightly,
you should try it.
be my guest!


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