Interesting Time

Interesting Time

**In leu of today’s events with the Pope, I thought I would post this.
It was written October 12, 2012, before I started this blog.
I’m curious to see what else happens 🙂

What a great and interesting time this is!!
it really is the time for leveling the playing field
send in the pinch hitters
we’re feeling ready for a home run!

Several key figures are going to depart the field so to speak in the coming months.
the pope is one who may take this window of opportunity to leave
a new pope will definitely change the game!
against all odds he will be progressive,seeing that the way the church has dug in its feet, no longer works and change is needed.

Look for priests to marry, and women allowed to become priests
what a breath of fresh air!
for a whole new bunch of young people will literally reinvent the Catholic Church and lead the way for other religions to throw off the cloak of dogmatic rules and secrecy 
Imagine if the Catholic Church used all its wealth to serve the impoverished without judgement..hard to imagine, but its coming!

Another is Castro,very predictable due to his age, but it will still hit the global economy In a good way, like ripples in a pond.
There are a whole generation of young people living in Cuba who are beyond ready to throw off the shackles of suppression and they are brilliant!! there are now companies clamoring to set roots in Cuba and there will not be a brain drain, on the contrary, the brilliant youth will stay in their country and revitalize it beyond anyone’s imagination.

Queen Elizabeth could be next, can never say for sure, it’s a souls choice which window of opportunity they choose to depart, but she is done..she’s going thru the motions.
Once her husband passes, she won’t be far behind.

Charles may only take the throne for a short time and then hand it over to William, or he may abdicate and not ever ascend to the throne at all
never the less, William will be the king to remember!

He loves his country and its people, his heart is filled with compassion, and this level of responsibility is no burden for him, on the contrary, he was born knowing and looking forward to his destiny as ruler.
His children will be amazing people! masters! Its going to get really really interesting..


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