Harnessing Heaven

Harnessing Heaven

Can you believe it?
That you are in the process of bringing heaven to earth?
Well, indeed you are!

In the earliest primordial days of earth,
the objective was to have a place to go
that was the furthest you could handle, energy wise,
from home, or heaven.

The planet agreed to lower its energy signature as well,
in service to humanity.

It was to be a harrowing, challenging, descent into
very slow and heavy energy.
Where amnesia would take hold, stripping you of
any knowledge of who you really are,
and you would be allowed to have free will.
To play the part of your choosing, to gain deeper
understanding at the soul’s level.

That was many, many, millennia ago.
So very much has been learned, and wisdom stored
for future excursions to these depths.
The deepest darkest potentials of humanity.

There was another tipping point, untold years ago,
where a crack developed , and the light shone thru.
Illumination developed very fragile roots,
taking hold one person at a time.
Lifting you slowly from your slumber.

Humanity turned a corner, slowly raising the energy,
one year at a time, then a hundred, then a thousand,
until momentum gathered and the velocity and volume of light
matched and merged into where you are now.

You have waited a long time for this!
And were never really sure along the way that it could even be
You are harnessing heaven, and bringing it here,
to earth!
Hard to believe , we know, but true.
Earth and humanity have done the time in the dark.
It is now going to be the millennia of expansion,
of illumination, and of love.

Love will heal any wounds left from this arduous journey.
It is the key component needed now to complete this transition.
From the light pours love,
and from the love pours light.
Together they will set you free.


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