Everything Is Perfect

Everything Is Perfect

Everything is Perfect
It doesn’t feel like it most of the time
we know!
But inside the big picture,
Beneath the surface of each life,is perfection.

Things happen for a reason.
And they happen at just the right time.

Seemingly brutal endings clear the way for
glorious new beginnings.

You may feel lost at times,
as if you are being tossed within a giant wave.
Not knowing which way is up.

Believe us when we say there is perfection there.
For inside that churning chaos, you must let go.
As you reach that point of surrender,
you are reoriented inside your own life.
And as you touch the ground again you will find
you have been placed at the exact spot you need to be.

As you start to realize this, the chaos will lessen,
you will stop the struggle to keep everything the same.
You will let yourself be placed in the situations and with the people
that facilitate your hearts desire.

For the heart knows best what the mind cannot fathom.
That everything is perfect.


My version of life. My stories. Told in my own words.

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